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Factors That Affect Students’ Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement
Many factors affect both positively and negatively to the academic achievement and performance. The factors can be related to the students themselves. Students do not take interest in studying and that eventually affects their academic achievement. In addition, the support of teacher and family also contribute to the academic achievement. The support of family concerning their standard of living and financial situation.

In addition, the location of the financial institution and standard of teachers also contributes to the academic achievement. In addition, there are dissertation writing service providers that contribute more to get degree. If the location of the institute is in the city or the European country, then there are more chances that teachers are highly qualified and experienced who can contribute to enhance the performance of students. However, if the location of the institute is in a place where experiences and qualified teachers cannot reached, then it negatively contribute to the academic achievement.

If the family background of the student is financially, strong then it is possible for them to get the education from top universities of the world hence the performance of students will increase. While if the student is not financially strong, then he/she will be able to get an education from low grade school or college that will badly affect to his studies. In addition, if family and relatives of the students are educated than he will get appreciation to get education from them. He will be more motivated to get educated. However, if students whose family is not educated, he will not able to know the worth of education in life hence negatively affect the performance of the student.

The language of the student also contribute to the achievement. If the student is very interested and have the potential to get the education, but he did not know the language of the country where he is going to get educated, then his performance will be lower than other students. The students should choose those countries for students where he can easily understand the language used. In addition, institutes should also hire separate teachers for the students from other countries so that they can easily grasp the concept.

The motivation and encouragement from the teacher is also a major factor that contribute to the academic achievements and performance of the students. Teachers also provide the consultation and assistance to the students to help them in their difficulties. Students should also avail those opportunities to get assistance and consultation for teachers at their consultation hours. Students can get answers to their questions from them.

The conferences and seminars conducted by the institutes also contribute to the academic achievement of the students. These conferences and seminar highly involve the topic of students’ performance and achievement. Students can get to know how to achieve better in their institute and increase their performance. The tests conducted by the institution during admission also affect the academic achievement. Many institutes’takes lower grade admission test in order to enroll higher number of students. The students then do not have to prepare for that easy test, hence their performance becomes lower.

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