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Girls, Science and Math - Are Girls Successful in Science Field

Girls, Science and Math
As a girl, you may sometimes have to face the typical thinking of the society that Maths and Science is not the girls subject rather they must learn humanities and arts subjects. If you want to be an engineer the first sentence that you will hear from everyone is that “engineering is not the girls’ field”, “Engineering is only for men”, and many similar opinions and statements. Besides the fact that women are an important part of society and economy and they are earning more than half of the undergraduates degree but still many people think that girls are not successful in science fields. This article will discuss the success ratio of girls by a coursework writing service in the field of science and maths.

According to the research, thirty percent of the researchers of the world are women working in different sectors and fields. The seventy four percent of school girls show high interest in science and mathematics but this interest decreases when they reach the high schools mainly because of the social beliefs and learning environment. Some researchers conduct the research about comparison of the scores of girls and boys in maths and science and the result of this research was astonishing. The girls score four percent higher than the boys. Studies have shown that women are paid less in careers related to science and maths fields’ careers and this is the reason that they are leaving these fields. Discoveries uncovered that, girls who accept that experience and learning extended knowledge were bound to improve on math tests.

They likewise communicated more enthusiasm for seeking after science subjects later on. The contrary conviction accomplished the opposite impact. The research studies have proven that the social beliefs and environment has a major impact on the success of girls in science and maths fields. In Sweden and Iceland women are equally treated like men in these fields. In third world countries that have more gender discrimination the girls are discouraged to adopt these fields. The countries where the social belief is that science and maths are the masculine fields, their women have less chances to be successful in science and maths. The stereotype societies demotivate women from being an engineer or scientist.

Here we cannot neglect the roles of schools, colleges and universities. Up to middle school we can see enough support and activities for encouraging and involving the girls in science and maths fields but as the education level moves up the encouragement, motivation, opportunities and involvement start falling. This results in less number of female graduates in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A role model is very much important for getting inspiration and for motivating someone. When there are fewer opportunities, there will be fewer females in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields and there will be fewer or no role models.

The studies have also supported the fact that why we need more women in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. One of these reasons is the availability of numerous jobs in this field. With the increasing artificial intelligence and advancement in technology will replace labor and human skills. There will be more demand for experts of technology handling. The women are required in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields not only for social purposes but also for economic success. The increasing inflation demands every person of a family to contribute to sharing the burden of expenses. According to the research the women's contribution to the economy can increase the GMP to twelve trillion dollars by 2025. As women make half of the population there is also the need of taking women into account. It is the fact that most of the research in different fields had been conducted by the men and they kept the men without taking women into account.

Girls are not less than boys in any terms, but there is a serious need of giving attention towards providing the opportunities for having more female graduates and workers in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This is not the role or responsibility of one person, educational institutions, businesses, industries, society and government all have to put their combined efforts to make opportunities available for girls to be successful in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.

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